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Vatsalya Trust Mumbai    14-Jan-2020
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Patient Assistant Programme (PAP) – Skill Development to Self Reliance

On conducting a study of a large number of girls who secured marginal marks in Secondary/ Higher Secondary School Examination, it was observed that many could not secure admission in colleges or Training Institutes and thus could not pursue their further education. Abject Poverty also leads to the same fate for many girls.

These young women are also at a greater disadvantage due to lack of awareness, skills, family and social pressures restricting their mobility and access to education facilities and livelihood opportunities thereby making them most vulnerable.
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The genesis of ‘Patient Assistant Programme’ lies in the above woes of women. This programme aims at empowering women by imparting employable skills to them so that they can live a life of dignity, self-respect and independence.

Hence, in the year 2005, Vatsalya devised with the assistance and guidance of doctors/nursing tutors one year course (Patient Assistant Course) for girls who secured marginal marks in Secondary School Examination and could not therefore secure admission to the college or those girls whose parents could not afford to spend for further education of their girls because of poverty.

Initially we, on our own, conducted three batches of girl students who immediately secured jobs in famous Hospitals. The students were trained in Anatomy by Doctors / Nursing Tutors for about 4 months followed by intensive practical training in Hospitals. The Open University, Maharashtra located at Nashik took cognizance of the fact that the girls, after this training, get good jobs took initiative to introduce a similar course under their aegis and our Trust then became a centre of that University for Patient Assistant Course.

One more notable feature, of the course, is that in each batch we take about 25 girls from tribal areas of Maharashtra. These areas are not easily accessible and they are starved of basic medical facilities. The entire expenses of these girls on account of stay, food, clothing, education, medical assistance are being met by our Trust. In turn, we persuade them to go back to their rural villages and work at Pubic Health centre/ Community clinics to serve local people thereby improving their health and hygiene conditions.

Programme Features :
Women Empowerment - Patient Assistant Program
The course designed for those girls who can not pursue education beyond 10th std/ 12 std due to economic/ social & family reasons.


  • One year Course Affiliated to YCMOU since 2006
  • In-house Theory classes by Expert faculties (Doctors/nurses).
  • Practicals and Internship at Heera Mongi Hospital, Mulund.
  • 100% Placement at renowned Hospitals /health centres.
  • 500 girls trained through above program are now independent, self- 
  • reliant and great support to their families.
  • One year Course Affiliated to Yashwantrao Chavhan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) since 2006
  • In-house Theory classes by Expert faculties (Doctors/nurses).
  • Practical and Internship at reputed Hospitals
  • 100% Placement at renowned Hospitals /Clinics / Health Centres.
  • About 1000 girls trained through the above program are now independent, self- reliant and great support to their families. 



1. Sourcing & Registration (May – July)


a. Vatsalya engages in community mobilisation, awareness talks and sources Unemployed/ Underemployed Women /girls for training at its skilling development Centre. The eligibility criteria would be- Minimum 12th 8th pass, lower economic background and candidates in need of a job.


b. Counselling & Registration of candidates to be trained is done


2. Classroom Training ( August – November)


Classroom training will be provided


a. To understand the various workplace skills involved.

b. Explanation of standards and their significance.

c. Theoretical inputs ( Basic Anatomy) for technical know-how.

Delivery of content will be done through visual aids like presentations/ videos/ learning cards to enable easy understanding for the target group.


3. Practical Training in Hospitals ( December – February)

a. The trainer will use diverse training aids to facilitate the required learning outcome. Training aids range from hands-on demonstration to the presentation using learning cards.

b. The training is facilitated in vernacular in order to ensure effective dissemination.

c. Trainers will conduct practical sessions with equipment to give the learners hands-on experience. Students rotated in all departments in hospitals OPD / ICU/ NICU etc.

d. On the Job, an internship will be provided to candidates to get hands-on experience.


4. Examination & Certification & Placement assistance ( March-May)

a. Assessment will be done through YCMOU.

b. Placement assistance will be provided to all certified candidates. All possible efforts will be made to reach 100% placement. At least 75% of the certified students have to be placed.

c. This will affect the real income of the family.

 Project review / Sustainability:

Social & economic empowerment of adolescents & young women from disadvantaged communities in the age group of 16-35 years is achieved by providing them with a combination of life skills, literacy, & vocational skills training. It enables them to take up wage or self-employment and become a contributing member to society.
The programme establishes linkages within the stakeholders like the Hospitals /Corporate/ Training institutes/ NGOs and the youth. It also ensures the sustainability aspect through placements. The programme aims at Holistic development of trainees, thus making them employable individuals beaming with confidence and self-respect. Thus, the programme provides a win-win situation for both i.e. employer (Health Care Industry) and employee (Socially / economically deprive Youth/women)

Future Plans:
Vatsalya Trust conducts Patient Assistance Programme at Kanjurmarg ( Mumbai) and Sanpada ( Navi Mumbai) thereby training 100 girls every year. In order to spread health and hygiene awareness in remote parts of our country, it has been decided that Trust will handhold local NGOs in developing and implementing Patience Assistant Programme.

Hence, during the year 2019, in collaboration with local NGO in Palghar District, Vatsalya Trust started the Patient Assistant Programme. About 30 girls from rural/ tribal district are registered under the course. In future, we intend to extend our reach to Vidharbha, Marathwada and Eastern Maharashtra region.