Ardent Appeal April 2020 from Vatsalya Trust Mumbai

Vatsalya Trust Mumbai    14-Apr-2020
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Ardent Appeal from Vatsalya Trust Mumbai April 2020 
As NGOs are at the forefront in the battle with COVID-19 along with Government machinery, their survival and reach is an important social aspect.
Vatsalya Trust Mumbai is taking care of vulnerable inmates at all their sites and also helping other NGOs in their relief work even in these difficult times.

Moreover, many challenges have emerged with the outbreak of COVID-19. We are keeping our machinery running and reaching out to beneficiaries in the best interest of children even in these difficult times. Moreover, the Women and child welfare department has declared services in orphanage and child care centers as essential services.
We look forward to your kind and thoughtful support for coping up with the challenges posed by COVID-19 in sustaining many of our projects and also for tendering quality and economic services to destitute children/youth and children with disabilities. 

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