Vatsalya Trust Mumbai    03-Mar-2020
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SANKALP- A Volition to determine the destination

Vatsalya Trust- from the humble beginning of “Child care and rehabilitation”, the organization has grown into multifarious activities for Children, Women empowerment, Healthcare. At Vatsalya Trust each child is given the best care for his/her development till he/she is adopted. Vatsalya encourages adoption (more than 1100 children are given for adoption), but there are few children who have special needs and has difficulties in regular development. It delays their adoption process or dims the possibility of getting adopted. They need special and long term care by trained people to learn life skills and become independent. They are benefited well if the surrounding environment is structured accordingly to adapt the learning.

At present we have 8 special children above 5years. Out of the 6 are attending Special school (Bhandup school and Aatman academy), 1 is not attending any formal school., and 1 is attending regular school but is not able to cope up properly.

These children are facing difficulties to carry out their life skills independently.
They are unable to use their abilities completely in the absence of follow up of therapy programme.
The staff requires especially sevikas training for handling these children.

It is possible to provide the services (individual and group activities) at Aakar and Khushi with follow up program. This could be done by professionals Physiotherapist, Special educators from Aakar and Khushi with the support from trained sevikas and modification in the infrastructure to be child friendly.

Special children will get necessary services at Vatsalya itself.
The stress is less for both children and Sevikas, who are a guardian for the children.
The child will get regular and appropriate stimulation which is essential for his development.