Rehab centre for children with special needs

Vatsalya Trust Mumbai    03-Mar-2020
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(Rehabilitation and Empowerment of persons with disabilities, Divyangjan)

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For persons with multiple disabilities (multi-factorial, complex needs), Rehabilitation is the complex intervention, comprising a multitude of complicated activities and actions.

It is a problem-solving process delivered by a multi-professional team. We at Vatsalya aim to Provide an opportunity to a differently-abled person to live a dignified life making maximum use of his/her abilities through primary care, training and education leading to empowerment


Vatsalya Trust, Mumbai started Rehabilitation Centre (RC) for special need children in 2004 -05 at Kanjurmarg. We have the License under PWD Act 1995 from Apang Aayukatalay (Pune).
RC centre has more than 2000 registered cases and through qualified professionals, it is providing therapy/ Treatment to about 125 children per week at Kanjurmarg centre. Whereas 10 to 15 children are receiving therapy and treatment at Navi Mumbai (Sanpada) and more than 50 children are receiving treatment at Alibag centre. Navi Mumbai and Alibag centre have come into operation from the year 2018.


Problems and issues at hand:

Under India's Disability Act (1995), children with disabilities have the right to free education up to the age of 18. However, there are only about 2,500 schools for children with special needs in India. Some are run or supported by the Government, while many are registered as NGOs or private institutions. Considering the total number of children with special needs in India ( about 1.5 crores), there are not enough special schools providing non-formal education /vocational training or Early intervention care.


Need or Solution
Every Divyang has some ability to overcome the limitations and live near normal life only if provided timely support and assistance to overcome the developmental barriers.

A complete rehabilitation includes three main areas, they are;

Prevention, Intervention and rehabilitation

Prevention and rehabilitation should be community based. Providing shelters and rehabilitating at the institute will not give a differently abled person a dignity, rather isolate him/her from the society, creating boundaries for themselves. They should be able to live their life independently in their own environment.

  • Prevention includes awareness, detection and corrective measures. Many handicapping condition’s severity can be reduced to a far extent through these steps.
  • Intervention is the process where early intervention, training and grooming for adaptive techniques is important.
  • Rehabilitation solely depends on person’s ability and his environment and available resources within that surrounding.(Major role played by an Occupational Therapist and social worker here).

At Vatsalya’s RC, we have also introduced projects for intervention. There is a great scope to expand these intervention projects. At the same time it requires to be complimented well through community based programs i.e tie ups with other NGOs and Social groups involved in the activities at community level will give easy reach to the beneficiaries, hence Vatsalya developed Outreach Programme ‘DISHA’.


Intervention and guidance Programme:

Intervention through various Therapies (AAKAR) - Includes Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy, Special education, Psychological Test and counselling. (Holistic approach has a great impact on the development of the special individual)

1) Early intervention focuses on children who are at the risk of developing handicapping conditions after birth such as Mental Retardation, Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Language and Speech problems etc.
Child / Parent Guidance Program (KHUSHI) deals with children who are at the risk of experiencing emotional, academic and behavioural problems which hamper their overall growth. Counselling and sensitisation sessions for Parents, Caregivers and Teachers.

2) Awareness programme: Identify High risk babies, encourage early intervention and therapy for them and focus on their functional independence rather than providing sympathetic support.

    • Workshops, Training at schools for Teachers and Parents.
    • Qualified Professionals at each centre
    • Appropriate Infrastructure
    • Outreach Programme, Disha - Networking with other NGO's, Groups in the similar field for extendind support for services, rehabilitation aids etc.

Annual events at RC for community reach and awareness:
    1. Recreational and vocational activities were conducted during vacation for RC beneficiaries.
    2. Celebrating the festivals like Holi, Ganesh Utsav, Diwali, New Year for inclusive participation of inmates.
    3. Regular training for Sevikas ( care givers) by Dr.Swapnali and Ms.Sandhya
    4. Outings for In-house children to Resort, Marathi Play, Orchestra.
    5. Training for assistant to therapist was conducted for the participants from Alibag, Sanpada RC and Samvedana C.P. school .


Activities and therapies administered at Rehabilitation Centre have received permission from the Social Welfare Department (SWD) under PWD Act 1995.
RC has a standard process and system for the operation which is ISO certified (ISO 9001- 2015) by TUV Austria for the last two years.
Through outreach centre Disha, Vatsalya has reached multiple locations in Raigad district providing therapy and aids to Divyangajans.

Our Sanpada and Alibag RC is all set and expected to expand the geographical reach of our services.
Primary care- Daycare centre along with regular therapies.
Parallel education Program, National Institute for Open Schooling ( NIOS)
Vocational training and skill development leading to employment

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